A Wounded Soldier's Story

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Listen to new "Wounded Soldier" Song
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"Wounded Soldier"
written by Reba Rambo McGuire and performed by RIVER CITY TRIO 


You went out to the front lines

Committed to the cause

You fought the fight of faith

You truly gave your all

But now you lie there wounded

With a bleeding heart

You cry for help but help just seems so far

And you wonder where the other soldiers are


 I am coming for you, Wounded Soldier,

And I will gently carry you upon my shoulder

I will give you time to mend,

Until you can fight again

There’s no need to fear

I am right here, Wounded Soldier


Sometimes our greatest battles

Are fought within our soul

No one sees your struggles

‘Cause you wont let it show

But you’re the walking wounded

Pretending to be strong

When deep inside you’re barely hanging on

And it’s hard to find the courage to go on


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