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Warren and Gina's last trip to Walter Reed Army Medical Center was onThursday, July 21st. Warren had several follow up appointments scheduled with the Doctors at Walter Reed.  
The Doctors gave him a positive report. He was doing well for this stage of his recovery and needed more rest and time to heal. Warren was released back to Winn Army Hospital at Fort Stewart, Georgia and will continue with his recovery and follow up care there where he is stationed.
Warren has been back in the hospital, this time at Winn Army hospital, for ten days. He was released on September 16th and is back to work on a very limited profile. He is going to lots of medical appointments every day and trying to walk down this long road of recovery.
Most recently, Warren was diagnosed with Severe Restrictive Lung Disease from the damage done to his lungs by the bullet. Now, in January, the diagnoses has been changed to Chronic Obstructive Pulmanary Disease (COPD). This is a very serious disease and will affect him for the rest of his life. Although Warren was going to try to remain in the military, this is probably not going to be possible with this new lung disorder . He is in the process of beginning the long and rather depressing process of medically retiring from the Army. The Abernathys will be returning to their home in Florida after this process is completed.
The Abernathy's appear publicly when invited to share Warren's remarkable story and testimony. Warren is working with other wounded soldiers to help them get through the process he has already had to go through.